hiSTORY book
All stories in hiSTORY 1 and hiSTORY 2 are included in a separate volume, already available from Amazon as of June 2015. Here the stories are simply stand alone, with just a short note on the history involved in each story.  The 33 short stories in HiSTORY were written to cover pre-history all the way through to the present.

The stories in this collection are stories I’d hope will give you the personality and character of history. Some you may like and some you may disregard. Whatever happens, my wish is that you might learn to love the story of us that is, at heart, history. 
hiSTORY 1 - A teaching book and hiSTORY 2 - A teaching book were released on Kindle (Amazon) on July 21, 2016. These books feature meticulously researched  short historical narratives designed to engage students in learning about  history. Each story is accompanied by activities aimed at thorough historical learning with the time period and characters involved in each story...

Stories from prehistory to ca. 1500CE

Stories from 1500CE to the present... and more.

Story occupies most of the word history; it’s 5/7ths of history. And, for me at least, it is really the beginning and end of history. Stories got me interested in history: the tragic sacrifice of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, the wondrous tale of the runner who brought news of the Persian defeat at Marathon, the story about the legionnaire who defended Rome on a narrow bridge – his name I don’t remember but his deeds I do; the stories of Pocahontas and John Smith, of the disastrous second fleet to Australia, of Shaka Zulu, of Albert Schweitzer in Africa, of the discovery of the double helix and the sad tale of the making of the atom bomb… more stories than I can poke a stick at.
hiSTORY 1  covers history from a prehistoric past 'til ca 1500CE. There are stories and learning activities for prehistory, for  Ancient Egypt, Greece,  Rome, India and China. There are tales of the Renaissance, of medieval falconry, of  makers of nightingale floors in feudal Japan, of the 'discovery' of Angkhor Wat, of Vikings,of the Spanish conquest and of the Black Death. [ISBN: 978-0-9943443-0-4 ]
hiSTORY 2  covers history from the age of Exploration 'til the present. There are stories and learning activities for the industrial age. for Chartism and the movemtn of peoples. The making of a nation (Australia) is covered and so too are our major World Wars, the move to greater citizen rights and freedoms which followed the signing of the Un Declaration of human rights, popular culture, and the environment movement. [ISBN: 978-0-9943443-1-1 ]