Framed by the Australian history curriculum for Years 7 - 10, but suited to global focuses of history teaching

The short stories in HiSTORY 1 and HiSTORY 2  were written to cover pre-history all the way through to the present; they have been crafted to fit with the new Australian curriculum in History for Years 7 through 10 but this has a strong world history focus so the stories cover many parts of the world.
TOPICS covered  /Story name
·         Prehistory: Carrying Fire
·         Ancient Egypt: Little Hatshepsut
·         Ancient Greece: The other runner
·         Ancient Rome: Barca vs Scipio
·         Ancient India: A stone memorial
·         Ancient China: The road to Noeing
·         OVERVIEW:  A miserable time to live in
·         The Ottoman Empire: Taking coffee
·         Renaissance Italy : Galileo the heretic
·         The Vikings: If there were dragons
·         Medieval Europe: Set it free 
·         Angkor/Khmer Empire: Nothing beside remains
·         Japan under the Shoguns:  The maker of Uguisu-bari
·         The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific: Growing wings
·         Mongol Expansion: The end of a series
·         The Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa (14th century plague): What's behind the wall?
·         The Spanish Conquest of the Americas (c.1492 – c.1572): Gods riding beasts
·         The Making of the Modern World: Once upon a time
·         The Making of the Modern World: A lost paradise
·         The Industrial Revolution: The long days continue
·         Progressive Ideas and Movements: Charts not charted
·         Movement of Peoples: Buffalo song
·         Asia and the World: Cawnpore dogs
·         Making a nation: Black soil
·         Making a nation: A federation story
·         World War I: Black roses
·         Overview ~the interwar years: Backyard cricket
·         World War II: The gunners story
·         Overview of the modern world: Feynman and the bridge
·         Rights and Freedoms: Nothing Like Chocolate
·         Popular Culture: Capital Opera
·         Migration Experiences: The immigrant’s love song
·         The Environment Movement: Another Road
          The role of research in crafting stories